Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Virtual dj 8 video

In my previous post i was speaking about how to download a working virtual dj 8 crack file. If you have an expired trial of Virtual Dj 8 then you can reactive with the crack file, it will work as a real "full" software, not trial, with all the premium features. I also left a link for you guys if you wish to download it. Its free and works(at least it worked for me- tried it on windows 8). Below you can watch an introduction video of virtual dj 8. If you haven't downloaded the Virtual dj 8 crack file, then i strongly recommend to do it, because i am not sure how long will be the site online.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Guide for Virtual Dj 8 cracked version

The new features of Virtual DJ 8 include

A mulitdeck mode: 

Atomix finally pulled up to Traktor Scratch, which had a 4 deck mode integrated a while ago with the update to Traktor 3.Virtual DJ 8 lets you use asmany as up to 99 decks now.Unlimited line inputs: Now you can run as many analogue instruments and devices  into Virtual DJ 8 as you like ,your hardware is the limit. Route the instruments to any deck you want within Virtual DJ 8 .This includes the complete control over the input stream including numerous effects, the visiualization of the waveform, beat syncronization and matching.Support of rewire functions: You can run any other production or DJ mixing software into Virtual DJ PRo 8 for live performances for example, including Ableton and Native Instruments. The application can be asigned to any deck within Virtual DJ 8 crack. For the rewire function effects are available as well as the beat syncronization and beat matching function. You can control the rewired application from Virtual DJ 8 using the transport control buttons.
virtual dj 8 crack

The new Atomix Virtual DJ 8 with multi deck mode:

More features of Virtual DJ Pro 8 New Audio Engine: improved sound quality during pitch changes do to the new master tempo function and a scratch mode ,Virtual D.J. 8 is using a high fidelity scratch emulation for more realism.Improved data management: There are new extended fields, the possiiblity to nest new folder and you can rename several files at once from within Virtual D.J. 8. After your trial expired you would probably want to download a virtual dj 8 crack to activate the pro features. You can get one from this site.

About Atomix Productions:

Atomix Productions was originally founded in France in 2000 and is  a US based company since 2002.
After parntering up with Numark in 2006 Atomix released the first Version of  Atomix Virtual DJ, a  D.J. software made for computer DJ’ing,which now has become it’s main  and most successful product with over 40 Million downloaded copies  worldwide. Atomix has a range of music related products such as Virtual D.J. Basic and since the release of Virtual DJ Pro 8,Atomix also released a free Virtual DJ version similar to the basic Version named Virtual DJ Home Free. Other products are Atomix MP3, which is the predecessor of Virtual DJ LE. They stopped updating it, but its still available.  Because even if its old its uses low CPU power.that state of the art DJ Mixing Software like Virtual DJ needs. Therefore Atomix MP3 can be run from older Computers since it only needs a i486 processor and 64 MB RAM. if you have any question regarding virtual dj 8 crack and how to install, then please feel free to message me.